Dr. Tobias Postma

Scientific Director
Plethora Partners


Dr. Tobias Postma is an organic chemist working in the pharmaceutical cannabis space for the past four years where he focuses on all production steps from flower to end products.

Dr. Postma holds a M.Sc. in pharmaceutical sciences from Utrecht University and a Cum Laude PhD in organic chemistry from the University of Barcelona. After completing post-doctoral research in Glasgow and Vienna, he co-founded Cannabiszorg, a compounding pharmacy in The Netherlands specialized in medicinal cannabis. As chemist and technical director, he designed a pharmaceutical laboratory for cannabis extraction and production of THC & CBD products. He was responsible for the entire production process, where he developed and validated all the extraction protocols, chemical analysis and the product line. He exited Cannabiszorg to found Topo Consulting where he assists companies with technical aspects concerning cannabis extraction, process optimization and product development.

Dr. Postma assisted Clever Leaves, a vertically integrated Colombian LP, for a year and a half to setup their EU GMP cannabis extraction and post processing operation with a muti-ton monthly extraction capacity. Besides Colombia, he assists companies with extraction processes in a range of countries like Germany, Portugal, UK, US, Israel and India. In addition, he is a scientific adviser to the Denver City Council Marijuana Board in the Cannabis Health & Safety Advisory Committee. Within this role he advises on the scientific aspects of health and safety in the established Denver county medical and recreational cannabis industry.

After returning to the Netherlands, he started his own laboratory for research in scalable minor cannabinoid production methods. Most recently, Dr. Postma co-founded Plethora Partners with the financial experts and organizers of the Amsterdam Cannabis Capital Convention to offer a wide range of professional services.

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