Dr.Eric J. Downer

Assistant Professor
Trinity College Dublin


Dr. Eric Downer is an Assistant Professor in Human Health & Disease at Trinity College Dublin (TCD), and acts as Director of the BSc in Human Health & Disease. He was appointed to his first academic position in University College Cork in January 2013, where he was a Principal Investigator in the Dept. Anatomy and Neuroscience (Jan 2013-May 2015) and also the Director of the Biosciences Imaging Centre (June 2014-May 2015). In June 2015 he was appointed as Assistant Professor at TCD, where he leads an active cannabinoid research group conducting patient-orientated research in the fields of Multiple Sclerosis and Burning Mouth Syndrome. To date he has published +40 articles and +60 conference proceedings. He has been honoured with the Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland Early Career Award (2009), the Neuroscience Ireland Early Career Award (2013), a Deans Award for Teaching at TCD (2016) and a Provosts Award TCD (2019).

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