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How to choose the right trade show for your brand

Trade shows can be a very effective way to grow your business, expand your reach to a wider audience and gain valuable industry insights. However, it is important to carefully deliberate the best trade show for your business as you want to ensure that you are utilising both your time and budget in the best way possible. We understand that it can be overwhelming when deciding which ones to attend due to the vast number of event options out there. Considering the following when deciding which trade show should make things easier for you:

Get clear on your objectives

Whether it’s to increase your face-to-face marketing, expand your brand awareness or to source suppliers, ( to list a few reasons as to why you may have decided to exhibit at a trade show) determine your main objectives and use these to drive your decision as to which event will be best for you to attend. This should be the first thing you do before you even begin to contemplate which events are out there.

While of course, all trade shows will boast the opportunity to meet new potential consumers, some will be more optimal for certain purposes than others. For example, if you’re looking to strengthen your relationship with existing customers, then exhibiting at a show where you know you have a good client base will be best. If you are launching a new product or service, then a more product-focused trade show, alongside a carefully constructed marketing campaign, will put you in the best position to do this.

Research, research, research!

You must know how each trade show can help you achieve your objectives. Find out all of the ins and outs of the events including location, size, date, and price as these factors should be considered. To gain a detailed understanding as to how each trade show can help you, once you have narrowed down your options, checking out statistics of previous shows such as previous attendee numbers and consumer buying power will be extremely useful. It is crucial that you are targeting the right audience, so researching the demographics of each trade show is vital. Social media engagements and reviews of the trade show will also give you a clearer idea as to whether it is something you want to be involved in or not. Customer feedback is one of the most effective ways to determine the reputation and success of an event.

Visiting the show yourself to gain a personal experience is the best way to get a feel for the event as you’ll be able to see firsthand what the event consists of. This will also allow you to speak to some of the exhibitors and find out their evaluation of the event – this could potentially save you a lot of time and money in the long run!

Check out the competition & available opportunities

It’s important for you that the event organisers do not have an imbalance of certain businesses as this causes over-competition. Familiarising yourself with a list of exhibitors that have already signed up will help you to feel secure that this will not be the case.

The most successful shows will provide their exhibitors with the opportunity to gain publicity and will have marketing prospects available. If you have the right knowledge, find out if there is an opportunity for you to give a talk on your field to increase your exposure. Finding out the previous year’s press and having a look at media coverage of previous events will give you an idea of marketing opportunities that will increase your ROI.

It is also important to remember that just attending the trade show is not enough to gain any useful benefits for your business. While they may allow you to capture new leads and network with potentional consumers and others in your industry, keep in mind that it is not guaranteed that the biggest and most popular trade shows will be the best for your return on your investment. Be mindful of which trade shows are giving you the best value.

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Medicinal vs recreational cannabis…what’s the difference?

While both medicinal and recreational cannabis come from the same plant, there are a number of factors
that create a clear divide between the two. The use of cannabis to treat pain and illness has become
increasingly common, but what makes this different to the cannabis more commonly known for its
recreational usage?


The legal issues surrounding both medicinal and recreational cannabis is the biggest factor that sets the
two apart. Despite cannabis being used to treat medical conditions in Ancient times dating back to 2900
BC, today, cannabis is classified as an illegal substance across most of the globe for non-medical use
and there are still very limited countries where medicinal cannabis is allowed. In the UK, recreational
cannabis has remained illegal since 1928. It is forbidden to grow, possess or supply and if caught, one will
face a hefty fine, jail time or both. These legal restrictions result in people consuming it in secret,
creating a taboo around the cannabis plant as a whole. Despite a growing push for the legalisation of
recreational cannabis in the UK, there is still a way to go before prohibition is lifted.
In more recent years, there has been increased conversation about medicinal cannabis and people are
becoming more aware of the beneficial properties. This has led to the legalisation of cannabis for
medical use in over 24 countries in the last decade.

CBD and THC content

Medicinal cannabis usually contains a higher CBD content than cannabis consumed for recreational use,
which typically has higher THC levels.
What does this mean?
THC is the psychoactive property found in cannabis, giving the user a ‘high’. While THC is sometimes
found at increased levels for some medicinal purposes, as the combination of THC
(tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol ) together can have a more beneficial effect, those taking
cannabis for medicinal benefits often do not get this feeling of euphoria.


Due to the legal stance within the UK, there is no regulation of recreational cannabis. Users are often
unknowing of the conditions in which the cannabis is grown, where and how it is has produced.
Contrastingly, it is important that the growing conditions of medicinal cannabis are closely monitored as it
is intended to be consumed by patients. The cannabis is strictly controlled for pesticides as it is critical
that it is safe to be consumed, making the cannabis purer and arguably safer.


Surprisingly, in some cases, it is easier to access recreational cannabis than it is medicinal cannabis. In
some countries where recreational cannabis is legal, for example, some states in the USA, anyone over
the age of 21 can buy it from a dispensary with a valid photo ID, making it easy to access.
Since 2018, medicinal cannabis has been legal in the UK with a prescription from a doctor. However,
despite it being lawful for the NHS to prescribe medicinal cannabis under certain circumstances, many
patients are disappointed and outraged at the lack of prescriptions being made to those who need
them. The people who have benefited most from the change in the law are those who have private
healthcare, however, this is financially unsustainable for most people. There is a reluctance from doctors
to write prescriptions for their patients to receive medical cannabis treatment due to a lack of education
to further understand the drug.

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