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Warning about Europe Canna Expo Scam Emails

There are currently emails being circulated under ther pretence they they are from Europe Canna Expo/London CBD Group offering the details of attendees of the upcoming and past ECE events.

Please be aware that these emails are fake- London CBD Group does not give out or sell data about events or attendees. Copies of the emails are listed below. So if you receive a variation of the email below please mark it as spam and ignore it. If you receive any other emails from Europe Canna Expo, London CBD Group LTD (Trading as London Canna Group) and you are unsure if it is official, please contact us directly through our website, direct email or give us a call, this way we can confirm the validity of the email.

Content of scam email:

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Company Statement – Covid-19

Further to our company statement from April 9th, due to the continual uncertainty and developments surrounding the Covid-19 virus, plus the ongoing uncertainty within the UK government regarding the commencement of large scale events, London Canna Group, the organisers of Europe Canna Expo (ECE) have now come to the difficult decision to postpone the 2020 ECE London event until June 2021. The new preliminary dates are Friday 25th and Saturday 26thJune 2021.

 We feel it is unlikely that the event industry will return to business as usual in 2020 and even with social distancing in place it will prove difficult for live event interaction, so we believe it is prudent to postpone ECE London to the end of Q2 2021. When we do return and in cooperation with our venues, we will be taking all essential steps to ensure that the Europe Canna Expo (ECE) event series proceeds safely and successfully.

Currently ECE Zagreb is scheduled for 15-16 October 2020, however, it seems likely that this event will also be postponed until 2021 and we will be making a final decision on this by the 17th July.

 We would like to reassure all our sponsors, exhibitors, visitors, speakers, staff and partners that we are closely monitoring the situation and as a business with live events as a core part of our operation, have not taken this decision lightly.

Europe Canna Expo sincerely apologises for the inconvenience, but we want you to benefit as much as possible from attending our events, so we need to make sure that you are able to do so with the audience numbers and a level of participation you have come to expect.

Thank you for your support as we traverse these uncertain times together, we look forward to welcoming you back to our events as soon as possible.