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ECE London Conference Justification Letter – Business


While you may see the value in ECE, one vital element in your attendance is approaching your boss in the hope that they will also see the benefits of you attending the event during work hours. To help you out with this, we have created a letter template for you to use to present to your boss. This will inform them about what ECE is, the objectives of the event, what you will gain from attending, and all the other necessary details. We hope that you will find this useful! 

Please note that we have tailored this letter towards those in the fields more relevant to business.

Dear [insert supervisor’s name],

I am continually looking to expand not only my own personal knowledge within my field of work, but I endeavour to develop strengths, working as part of a team, to enrich us all as a workforce. It is for this reason that I would like to express my interest in attending ECE London on the 26th-27th June 2020 at ExCel London. 

ECE (Europe Canna Expo) is the largest Medical Cannabis Expo and Conference in Europe. The organisers are actively working with healthcare providers, authorities and industry organisations, supporting research and education to remove the stigma around cannabis and to bring the most accurate information about Medical Cannabis, Cannabinoids and CBD to a global audience.

There will be over 120 leading experts speaking across the 2 days covering essential business education topics including Regulations, Emerging Markets, Opportunities, Development, Investment and Global Case Studies. 

Keynote speakers include Frederik Hendrikson, Patrick Morton and Lilac Mendes, all highly regarded leaders in the industry who will deliver expert knowledge which I intend to absorb and relay back to the team to enhance our work together as a company.

I understand the importance of us building connections with others in the industry which is why, with a dedicated B2B day on the Friday, attending the event will be the perfect opportunity for me to build many significant connections and network with like-minded leaders in the field.  

The cost of attendance will be as follows:

  • Ticket cost:
  • Airfare:
  • Transportation to and from hotel:
  • Hotel:

Total cost =

I strongly believe that this will be a valuable opportunity for me to gain superior education on the latest cannabis research and gain insights into the future climate of medical cannabis, making my attendance an investment which will benefit us all.

Thank you very much for your consideration and I hope we can discuss further this week.


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